Group Intuitive Healing at Santosha Yoga Studio

Not being a particularly group-oriented person, I was a bit nervous to try my first group healing event. When I first began researching group healing events, I chose Santosha primarily because it is close to my house, but they also have a beautiful website and a variety of classes and events that I would be interested in for future reference.

So far I've attended three group healing sessions at Santosha and found all three experiences to be wonderful. I'm so glad I can work on putting my silly pre-conceived notions to rest. The groups are run by Kimberly Tesla. Here is her bio from Santosha's website:

Kimberly D. Testa is an intuitive healer, channel, teacher and guide. She uses her empathic abilities and strong intuitive connection to guide those on the path of healing and awakening.

The first time, there were about 4 or 5 other participants. Kimberly explained a bit about what to expect-this would be a group meditative experience where we would all be using each other's energy to heal, help, and enjoy. She would visit each of us for hands-on healing several times throughout the session. I was excited because I welcome any chance I  get to work on improving my meditation practice. And not only that, I would be getting some hands-on energy work too, which is now a big part of my self-care regimen. All for $20-a deal!

We started off with a brief guided meditation, then we laid down on the mats for our own personal silent journeys. With relaxing music in the background and a general feeling of peace, I found it unusually easy to let my mind go. I don't mean that I was calm, but more like I was able to participate in the meditative process without much fight. I entered the session anxious, I don't recall exactly why, but that week had been particularly stressful and my energy was high in a negative way. Instead of letting the anxiety block me, I was able to visualize my energy as a quickly spinning top. Not out of control spinning, just rapid and with no sign of slowing down. Instead of trying to force my mind to calm and becoming angry at the stream of random thoughts that are constantly there, I was able to sit back and observe without judgement. And when this happened, I was able to visualize. It was a huge step for me and I'm sure many others-the time when you realize that meditation is not controlling your mind but instead going dormant and letting everything go on. Like watching a movie.

So the top is spinning and when it was my turn for hands-on healing, I felt a a slow force pushing me down. The top eventually came to a halt and then it was me again, but I was swaying from side to side, graceful, almost dancing.  The next time she visited me, I saw my heart encased in some type of shell and someone was chipping away at it with a tiny hammer, letting light shine through. The feeling was freeing and opening. Throughout the two hours I felt amazing- connected and clear. I left grateful and with a profound sense of wellness.

Disclaimer-I am not usually a new "age-y" kind of person but I had a legitimate experience that night and it was awesome!!

It definitely opened my mind and I have added group healing to my repertoire of wellness. Each time I have gone I left feeling stronger, more inspired, and balanced. Santosha offers this workshop on the 2nd Friday of each month. I recommend bringing items from home to suit your level of comfort. I brought fuzzy socks, a blanket, pillow, and wore layers. There are mats and blankets offered at the studio, but the floor can get hard after some time so the more layers the better!

Some of their other events this summer include Kundalini Meditation, Aquarian Sadhana, and Energy Healing Clinic, in addition to various yoga classes and other holistic services. Santosha is located in a beautiful old building in the Edgewood area of Cranston and their yoga studio and treatment rooms are lovely-I highly recommend a visit!!
Marisa Etting